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Data Science

I've been blogging on Wordpress since 2007, but very infrequently, maybe somewhat due to the workflow and platform. For many years now, most of the interesting content I create is in Jupyter notebooks (certainly the more relevant content to my work these days). I wanted a way to integrate this content into my blog, but realized that not all of the legacy content has aged well and a notebook workflow using the current setup would likely be cumbersome.

I've used nbviewer to make web accessible versions of notebooks in the past, for example:

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Traffic Metrics and 5 Source Code Search Sites

Competitive research and traffic analysis is an important part of launching a new site or web app.

Alexa Toolbar

I did a quick study that uses source code search sites as the subject for comparison. Here I highlight some key metrics from these two Firefox add-ons:

I found these sites through my delicious bookmarks, search, and the "Similar Pages" and "Related Links" features of both of the above add-ons

Source Code Search Site Alexa Traffic Rank CoolGoogle PageRanke 2 7 34642 6 113268 5 175389 4 …
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