Competitive research and traffic analysis is an important part of launching a new site or web app.

Alexa Toolbar

I did a quick study that uses source code search sites as the subject for comparison. Here I highlight some key metrics from these two Firefox add-ons:

I found these sites through my delicious bookmarks, search, and the "Similar Pages" and "Related Links" features of both of the above add-ons

Source Code Search Site Alexa Traffic Rank CoolGoogle PageRanke 2 7 34642 6 113268 5 175389 4 179759 4

First, you have to take these rankings with a grain of salt. Google's PageRank seems to honor the difference between (10) and (7). Alexa's Traffic Rank (2) does not honor the difference and uses the ranking for Google's main domain instead.

Another useful metric is unique visitors seen here from

Compete: Code Search Sites

For a quick look at how the search results look for these sites, I plugged in Spring's verbosely named AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests. Here are some links to the results:

If you'd like to mention more sites like this, please share in the comments!